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Anne Wild & Associates Pty Ltd
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Turrumurra NSW 2074


Suite 6B, Level 2, 14 Eastern Road
Turramurra NSW 2074


Telephone: +61 2 9440 0414

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Anne Wild & Associates Pty Ltd
PO Box 244
Turrumurra NSW 2074


Suite 6B, Level 2, 14 Eastern Road
Turramurra NSW 2074


Telephone: +61 2 9440 0414

Fax: +61 2 9440 0434


Skype: awassociates

AWA Services

While modern communications can appear daunting, we work hard to make things simple. And because it's all we do, we're good at it, which means our clients can focus on what they do best - running their business.


At AWA, we are what they call a "full service" agency. Essentially, that means whatever you need, we'll deliver. From traditional PR to fully integrated marketing programs, we can manage all your communications requirements - via one point of contact.

Travel & Lifestyle

Having worked with clients from all corners of the travel and lifestyle realm – from national tourism organisations and five-star hotels through to publishing, entertainment and luxury goods,  AWA can offer innovative, creative and impactful solutions that translate into valuable referrals, bookings and measurable sales.

AWA is the Australian and New Zealand representative agency for the global Travel Lifestyle Network and we are active members of the Australian Society of Travel Writers.

Business & Innovation

Working with clients spanning energy and utilities and IT solutions, through to personal finance, science and corporate intelligence, AWA offers its business and innovation clients thoroughly researched and considered advice, conceiving campaigns that generate real cut-through in the highly competitive, corporate marketplace. 

The AWA Team

At AWA we value originality and strategic thinking and our team combines an eclectic but essential mix of youthful vision, professional wisdom, journalistic know-how and media savvy - all with proven expertise across a range of mediums and industry sectors.


We know we can deliver the programs you need – on time, to budget and generating the right results. But don’t take our word for it. Time to let our clients and industry contacts do the talking …

AWA Case Studies

To us they are works of art, and to many clients they have
been priceless.

Take a stroll through our gallery to view just a few of the campaigns we’ve devised to win business for our clients.

Contact Us

Anne Wild & Associates Pty Ltd
PO Box 244
Turrumurra NSW 2074


Suite 6B, Level 2, 14 Eastern Road
Turramurra NSW 2074


Telephone: +61 2 9440 0414

Fax: +61 2 9440 0434


Skype: awassociates

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Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours



Position Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours (MMBT) as the operator of choice in an increasingly competitive sector and grow booking numbers from Australian travellers.


Tier One: Elevate the profile of Mat McLachlan as one of Australia’s leading war historians (and hence the credibility of the battlefield tours bearing his name).

Tactics included: 

  • Negotiation of an ongoing hosting role on Foxtel’s History Channel (Pay TV) including on-air presentation of interstitials and introductions to special war time features in return for contra TVC and promo spots for MMBT.
  • Negotiation of interviews around key war time anniversaries such as ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day as well as regular ‘expert’ commentary spots on broadcast forums including Channel 7’s Sunrise program (top rating national TV breakfast program); Radio 2GB’s Chris Smith program (top rating Sydney afternoon radio program); Radio MTR’s Steve Price program (top rating Melbourne morning radio program); and ABC 702 (Sydney Australian Broadcasting Radio).
  • Negotiation of book reviews and giveaways of Mat’s guides to Australian battlefields including ‘Walking With the ANZACs’ and ‘Gallipoli the Battlefield Guide’ in major newspaper titles including The Australian (National broadsheet newspaper) and Sun Herald (Sunday newspaper, NSW).

Tier Two: Generate exposure, trial and review of MMBT.

Tactics included:

  • A two week on-air competition, giving away a MMBT for two to France, run across Foxtel’s History Channel;
  • Negotiation of live TV and radio crosses with Mat and tour attendees;
  • Negotiation of editorial on different MMBTs in  key print and online travel forums;
  • Negotiation of exposure in key travel trade media positioning MMBT as the operator of choice for both travellers and booking agents;


Tour bookings in 2011 grew by 50 per cent on 2010 figures, prompting the establishment of new tours for 2012 visiting SE Asia.


‘Beetlemania’ the official Australian launch of the VW New Beetle



Strategic objectives included: rekindle Australia’s love affair with the Beetle; generate excitement about, and participation in the launch of the New Beetle model; and provide opportunities to cross promote other vehicles within the Volkswagen range.


  • Stage ‘Beetlemania’ – the biggest public event ever coordinated to launch a new vehicle in Australia. The campaign featured a two day festival at Darling Harbour, Sydney, which was supported by a national media relations and promotional program to generate excitement about the launch in all other Australian States.
  • Day One of Festival Event: Over 250 automotive/lifestyle media as well as VW dealers were flown to Sydney from around Australia to take part in a Dealer Conference, Test Drive Program and an evening Preview Party Spectacular. 
  • Day Two of Festival Event: Dedicated to the public, over 200,000 people flocked to the various, free-of-charge Beetlemania events including: a specially choreographed ‘Beetle through History’ Concert; an outdoor cavalcade displaying over 100 vintage Beetles; live performances by a Beatles cover band ‘The Beatels’; screening of the top 10 films entered into “The Bug Picture”, a short film competition run as part of the launch program; special exhibits featuring unique, historic and modified Beetles from around the world; a VW Kids Club with face painting, clowns, magicians, baby Beetle cars, and ‘Speilmobile’ play equipment; a VW passenger car exhibition featuring all models and accessories in the Volkswagen range; Volkswagen merchandise store.


Activity received record levels of publicity for a new vehicle launch in Australia – generating millions of dollars in media coverage on national television, radio, magazines and online. 98% achievement of the New Beetle post launch sales target was reached, positioning the New Beetle in the number two spot in the highly coveted sports car sales segment (ahead of vehicles including the Alfa Spyder and the Mazda MX5). A ‘magnet effect’ was created to other Volkswagen models, with sales increasing across its passenger range by 35% on the previous year.


IBISWorld Brand Campaign



Reinforce IBISWorld’s reputation as Australia’s most comprehensive source of business information and generate new sales leads.


Managing all aspects of the marketing program, AWA implemented a four tiered communications campaign including:

  • Pre-campaign research, surveying IBISWorld’s existing customers to define what was considered the most valuable aspect of IBISWorld’s offering . This was found to be the breadth, depth and variety of reports on offer. AWA then worked in conjunction with ad agency Oil to develop creative communicating these key benefits.
  • Utilising negotiated contra media, AWA coordinated two bursts of print advertising across key Australian business newspapers including: The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, and Australian Financial Review; and key business magazines including: BRW, CEO Forum, Money Management, Super Review, Financial Planning, Marketing Magazine, and B&T.
  • The print activity was supported online through banner advertising promoting a free trial via The Age and SMH Business Day and through a series of solus EDM’s (electronic direct mail) to subscribers of Super Review and Money Management.
  • A comprehensive media relations campaign positioning IBISWorld analysts as expert commentators across a range of Australian industries was run parallel to the advertising activity, generating extensive coverage across Australian print, online, radio and TV business media platforms.


Over the course of the combined campaign, average daily sales increased by 16%. Several hundred free trial registrations were received – many of which were later converted into annual subscriptions, and incoming enquires via the web and telephone almost doubled during the campaign period.


Singapore SingTel F1 Grand Prix Night Race launch



Generate buzz and excitement about Singapore’s inaugural SingTel F1 Grand Prix night race, and promote the city’s ‘after dark’ offering.


A five tiered program was implemented including:

  • The staging of a major media and trade event at the Singapore Heritage Restaurant, Sydney to showcase Singapore’s after dark attractions including: new restaurant precincts (Clarke Quay, Rochester Park, Dempsey Rd); bars and night clubs (Ministry of Sound, St James Power Station); attractions (Singapore’s Night Zoo); and Singapore’s inaugural F1 night race. The event was attended by 60 A-list Australian travel and travel trade media, whom were treated to live sets by Singapore’s Ministry of Sound Head DJ. 
  • A Teaser Campaign targeting key media, including the staggered distribution of items themed as ‘things that come out at night’ including: an owl; a collection of stars; and evening primrose seeds - all leading up to the final reveal of a mini F1 racing car and media release promoting the world’s first ever F1 night race. 
  • Development and placement of Singapore ‘after dark’ lift out guides in national titles including Vacations & Travel, Australian Gourmet Traveller and The West Australian newspaper. 
  • Viewer promotion with Channel 10 (official broadcasters of the F1), giving viewers the chance to win a trip to Singapore and experience the inaugural race. The competition was promoted across station via 223 x 30 sec second promo spots (written and produced by AWA). Over 9,000 entries were received. 
  • Media familiarisations to experience the race and Singapore’s after dark offering including: 
    Top Gear Australia Magazine, NewsLimited (for the national newspaper group), Channel 10 (for the Good Morning and Sports Today programs); and HD One ( Channel 10’s dedicated digital sports channel). HD One broadcast the F1 night race live from Singapore, in addition to interstitials showcasing Singapore’s broader tourism offering. 


Over AU$2.5 million (AVE) worth of media coverage was generated and visitor arrivals ex-Australia spiked during the month of September (during which the inaugural F1 night race and broader F1 Festival was staged). launch - Singapore Tourism Board



Officially launch the new brand and website and promote Singapore’s new major attractions – including Marina Bay Sands in which Tetsuya has opened a second restaurant.


  • 50 A-list Australian travel, and travel trade media were invited to attend an exclusive event at Tetsuya's restaurant in Sydney.
  • A dynamic email invitation was developed and distributed to guests, providing ease of reply and a direct link to the new online portal –, created to allow visitors to easily piece together their own, unique Singapore holiday experiences;
  • At the function, guests were challenged to be the first to put together their own puzzle – symbolic of how the new website functions for users. A trip to Singapore was given away to the winner;
  • Media kits, including press releases and high res images, were provided to all guests. Photographs, taken on the night were distributed to media and newspaper social pages following the event.


Significant media coverage for the event itself, the new brand, and Singapore as a destination was achieved through the event. Total value of media coverage estimated at around $100,000.


lebua Hotels & Resorts Hangover II Campaign 



Promote Tower Club at lebua as Bangkok’s leading luxury hotel - as featured in the blockbuster movie Hangover Part II - and  create opportunities to capture guest enquiries and bookings.


AWA negotiated a series of joint promotions with Warner Bros and Village Roadshow (film distributors), generating significant exposure and ‘book now’ opportunities for the hotel across a range of platforms including:

  • National Event Cinema Promotion (Australia):  National three week online home page and social media campaign featuring a ‘book now’ link direct to the lebua booking platform; 
  • National 4 week Radio Promotion with NOVA Drive Nationally (Australia): Competition promoted  for four weeks nationally via in program mentions; 30 second, across station promo spots; and online activity (featuring a ‘book now’ direct link) - resulting in 10 winners from around Australia travelling to Bangkok for their own lebua/Hangover experience and live radio cross;
  • New Zealand Herald Promotion:  Competition promoted for four weeks  in New Zealand Herald ‘s printed (18 insertions) and online editions (featuring a ‘book now’ direct link);
  • Premier Screenings:  Invitations secured for lebua’s key trade and media partners and distribution of lebua branded brochures at all Australian and New Zealand premiere screenings;
  • Media Relations: Negotiation of an exclusive media famil for Men’s Style Magazine and editorial nationally, promoting Tower Club at lebua’s involvement in the film and specially created Hangovertini, Hangover Suite and Hangover packages.


Over $1.8 million in media coverage (AVE) was generated as a result of the program. Total entries to competitions exceeded 20,000, and direct traffic to the lebua website rose appreciably during the campaign period.


Hot and Spicy Singapore



Encourage trial of Singapore’s heritage cuisines, sales opportunities for Singaporean food products and attendance at Singapore’s signature food events including the Singapore Food Festival.


Devise and implement a Singapore Hot & Spicy consumer and media relations campaign including:

  • Staging of a national road show in conjunction with high-end retailer, David Jones. This included Singaporean food product displays and cooking demonstrations in DJ’s Food Halls throughout Australia , presented by Violet Oon (Singapore Food expert) and Kwan Lui (Singapore spice expert); a consumer competition - giving away a trip to the Singapore Food Festival -  which was promoted in-store and linked to proof of food product purchase;  national print advertisements (funded by DJs), promoting the in-store cooking demonstration schedule and positioning Singapore as the Cuisine Capital of South East Asia;
  • Staging of an excusive luncheon attended by over 50 A-list Australian food , travel and travel trade media to sample Singapore heritage cuisine prepared by leading chefs and to gain insights into Singapore’s broader food tourism offering;
  • Negotiation, development and placement of a Singapore Recipe Guide in Delicious Magazine, featuring Singapore’s top 10 ‘must try’ dishes;
  • Negotiation and coordination of media famils for key print and broadcast media to experience and report on the Singapore Food Festival and the city’s broader food tourism attractions.


Over 15,000 people viewed the cooking demonstrations and total campaign media coverage exceeded $1 million (AVE).



Local and International Alliances

In addition to our local network of trusted industry suppliers and connected lobbyists, AWA is the Australian and New Zealand representative agency for the global Travel Lifestyle Network network. 

With agency connections in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France and Argentina, we can offer clients global intelligence and solutions if required.

Heidi Lambert

Senior Copywriter and Account Manager 

TeamProfile_Heidi.jpgWhile always to the point, Heidi’s clever copy could help sell ice to the Eskimos!

A former News Ltd journalist and professional writer for over 18 years, Heidi has been scribing for AWA since 2004 – producing marketing material using every medium imaginable for clients in tourism to technology, research and finance, innovation and science and everything in between!

Amity Roche

Senior Account Director and Head of Travel & Lifestyle


First joining AWA in 1999, Amity has since navigated numerous high profile clients through a myriad of multi-faceted communications campaigns.

After an early career in radio journalism, Amity (thankfully!) made the switch to PR and with a particular flair for media relations and all things fabulous, now heads up AWA’s Travel & Lifestyle division. She’s also a bit of a softie, and works tirelessly to make sure our pro bono and non-profit clients enjoy their share of the limelight!


Judy LeGuay

Financial Controller

TeamProfile_Judy.jpgGive Judy a fresh balance sheet and she’s as happy as a pig in mud! Judy has been balancing the books, running payroll and managing client accounts at AWA since day one, ensuring that while we’re out working for our clients, the “back office” is running smoothly.


Anne Wild MPRIA

Managing Director and Head of Business & Innovation

profile_anne.jpgAs MD and head of AWA’s Business & Innovation division, Anne remains firmly focused on the road ahead for both the agency and its clients - drawing on her 20 plus years experience in the fields of PR and marketing communications.

Prior to establishing AWA in 1998, Anne honed her skills with a number of leading PR companies including Prue MacSween & Associates, Ogilvy & Mather PR, Burson-Marsteller and Hill & Knowlton before further enhancing her corporate communications skills with in-house PR management roles at Clubs NSW and Volkswagen Australia. 

With key expertise in the areas of brand marketing, strategic planning, media relations, corporate communications and issues management, Anne conceives original campaigns that get results – and she has the track record to prove it.  


Amanda Davis

Administration Assistant

TeamProfile_Amanda.jpgJuggling should feature on Amanda’s CV since she’s our resident expert at keeping multiple balls in the air.

From arranging travel for media famils to double checking the tiniest details for client events – as well as managing the day-to-day business of a lively office – Amanda is the go-to girl to get things done.  


Anna Caswell

Account Director

TeamProfile_Anna.jpgIn the past twenty-ish years, there’s hardly an industry sector that Anna hasn’t touched. Sports, technology, education, food and beverage, health, tourism, international trade and enterprise, nutrition, and retail. Like an octopus, Anna’s had her tentacles everywhere.

And within those industries, Anna’s pretty much covered off all PR disciplines. From media relations to event management, brand building, sponsorship management, social media, stakeholder relations to crisis management, she’s has been part of award winning teams in New Zealand, the UK and Samoa.

But she now calls Australia home, and Anna’s passion for all things communications related, and her wide ranging, hands-on expertise in the PR and marketing world is being shared with her new love – AWA’s lifestyle and travel clients.


Pati Thompson

Account Manager and Event Specialist

TeamProfile_Pati2.jpgUltra-organised and full of creative energy, pocket rocket Pati Thompson has been launching client events to new heights since joining our team full-time in 2012.

When she’s not dreaming up imaginative events, parties, launches, famils and more, Pati uses her boundless get-up-and-go in her role as Account Manager to deliver fresh and friendly service – and exceptional results – to her stable of clients.

Pati has a Bachelor of Communications specialising in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations.popup_icon_pati.jpg


Julie Seat

Account Manager

Screen_Shot_2018-03-28_at_10.23.08_am.png With six years of extensive experience in driving PR campaigns in an agency setting – Julie is the newest addition of the AWA team. Before settling to a portfolio of fabulous lifestyle and travel clients at AWA, Julie worked across several industry sectors including hospitality, entertainment, arts and fashion.

With a constant drive to succeed and see results, Julie has experience in developing, managing and implementing PR strategies and campaigns, media relations, social media and event management. A solid team player, Julie encourages team spirit and her industry quote to live by is: “PR not ER”.


Georgia Cook

Account Executive

TeamProfile_George.jpgMulti-tasker is Georgia’s middle name, she’s a first-time account executive, who has quickly become an all-round PR pro, as well as an expert of creating and managing digital content to build relationships for AWA’s superstar clients.

From arranging travel for media famils to double checking the tiniest details for client events – as well as managing the day-to-day social expectations – Georgia is the go-to girl to get things done. popup_icon_pati.jpg

Digital Communications

Navigating the digital world and social media minefield can be daunting. We’ll help choose the most effective format to engage your online audience, start the discussion – and keep them coming back for more. 

Internal Communications 

Involved, informed and motivated employees perform better – and produce stronger results – so keeping them in the loop and incentivised is a top priority. Whether you’re going through a change or it is business as usual, we can devise an effective program that is right for your team.

International Solutions

AWA is the Australian and New Zealand representative agency for the global Tourism Trademark Network. With agency connections in the United Kingdom, North America, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavia, France, Argentina and Asia, we can offer global intelligence and campaign roll out solutions if required.

Government Relations

Our dedicated government relations division can help you navigate the bureaucratic red tape and offers strategic counsel on liaising with all levels of government on key projects and issues.


Whether it’s a competition, demonstration, trade incentive or give-away, the key to successful promotions is understanding what motivates your target audience. AWA devises persuasive promotions that are as equally measureable as they are memorable.

Event Management 

We bring to the table extensive experience in managing events - large or small - including product launches, corporate functions, media briefings, open days, AGMs, conventions and exhibitions - handling every aspect from planning through to publicity. 

Community Relations 

Techniques to get your message across at a grass roots level can take many forms. At AWA, we possess the experience and expertise to engage, motivate and educate the community about your company, campaign, project or policy. 

Research & Strategic Planning 

We’ll ask plenty of questions to ensure we understand your business and objectives, and then research, devise and implement effective campaigns – on time and to budget – delivering results which exceed expectations.


AWA can evaluate the effectiveness of existing sponsorship programs, identify and select new opportunities and implement activities to ensure sponsorship dollars are maximised. 


Our accomplished copywriters can write anything and everything from editorials to EDMs, annual reports to advertisements, white papers to speeches, blogs, websites and more. 

Crisis Communications 

We can devise preventive programs and act on your behalf in the event of a crisis which has the potential to put your organisation’s reputation at stake.  

Media Relations 

We understand how the media works and whether you wish to maximise or minimise media coverage, we have the skills to ensure you are delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Electricity Association of NSW

Michael Sinclair, Executive Manager, Electricity Association of NSW

"I wanted to thank AWA for the outstanding job you did for the NSW Electricity Supply Industry as part of its Y2K Public Communication and Education Program. What could have been a contentious matter for the Industry given the media hype surrounding the Y2K issue was managed extremely well over the 12 month program period.

All activities coordinated by your company including the media briefings, customer forums, speaking engagements, brochures, video and the Y2K Communications Centre operated and managed on New Year's Eve, combined to make the program a real success for the Industry. It is also pleasing to note that the Association's relationship with the public, business sector, Industry organisations and the media has also been strengthened as a result of the Program.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge the work undertaken by your company to progress the Industry's Public Electrical Safety Awareness Program. There can be little doubt about the effectiveness of the Program with recent statistics released by the NSW Department of Fair Trading showing a continued decrease in the number of electrical accidents involving the public on the network (and in fact, a 100% reduction in deaths attributed to the network over the last two years).

Thank you again for your contribution and I look forward to working with you in the future."


The Singapore Tourism Board (STB)

Ms Carol Lian, Area Director for The Singapore Tourism Board (2008-2010)

"The Singapore Tourism Board had an association with Anne Wild & Associates for eight years. AWA was initially appointed to service our Public Relations activities on the Eastern sea board but on 1 November 2006 their services were extended Australia wide, and as of April 2009, also included the servicing of New Zealand after we streamlined and centralised our marketing efforts for Oceania.

The STB has been very pleased with the professionalism of AWA being a boutique style agency that is not only very flexible, but is able to adapt quickly to our needs. It is an agency that is both customer focussed and results orientated. The team is led by a very enthusiastic, determined, highly creative and task orientated principal. Anne Wild and her team have carried out many projects over the years for the STB and they know how to carry out stunning media functions/events, negotiate fabulous yet impactful supplements and guidebooks, organise well planned media itineraries and solicit media promotions that have generated extensive media coverage. Their hands on approach, strong rapport and skilful negotiations with media partners have helped the STB to achieve excellent and extensive coverage. The STB is truly appreciative of all that AWA has done for Singapore."

Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours

Mat McLachlan, General Manager for Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours

"When we employed Anne Wild and Associates in early 2008, Anne and her team knew they faced a challenge: we had never worked with a PR agency before and we were expecting big things. I'm delighted to say that our expectations have been thoroughly exceeded. Anne and her team have consistently delivered the right message to the right people at the right time. The profile of our company has increased substantially, and a big part of that is due to the efforts of the AWA team.

It's refreshing to partner with a company that not only understands your business objectives, but can represent them so effectively to the media and the public. We're looking forward to even bigger things with Anne Wild and Associates.”


Oliver Mann, Marketing Manager, Volkswagen

"I wanted to formally express my thanks and appreciation for all your efforts in making the Australian launch of the New Beetle a highly successful event.

This was certainly the most ambitious launch we have ever staged, combining press, Volkswagen dealers, Volkswagen staff, VIP customers, suppliers, owner club members and film competition winners into a single event ... not to mention the public involvement on the second day.

Given that the event encompassed flights, transfers, hospitality, presentations, handout materials, drive events, a training session, a Q&A session and an evening party ‘spectacular', it was no small feat that it was all pulled off without a hitch.

The real measures of the success of the event were that all of our guests had a great time AND it all looked easy.

The profile the New Beetle has enjoyed within the media has been unprecedented and there is a palpable sense of excitement among dealers and the general public.

Many thanks for all your efforts in the planning, preparation and organisation of the event - it was a HUGE success!!


Paul McClean, Business Development Manager, Intracorp

"Just a short note to thank you for your hard work throughout the year. The media coverage your company generated to officially launch Intracorp was extremely beneficial in the early stages of our business development, and the support provided by you and your team was of real assistance during such a frantic period for our company.

The subsequent Sydney and Melbourne events you coordinated to officially launch, our first business-to-business portal, also provided an excellent base from which to commence our rollout of portals."


Nova 96.9

Lynsey Watchman, Integration Project Manager, Nova969

“Nova 969’s Fitzy and Wippa and their Wolfpack stayed at Lebua Tower Club for the ultimate 24 hours in May 2011. The Nova 969 staff worked very closely with Anne Wild and Associates from inception to implementation to bring this entertaining and unique activity to life on radio and online … and we couldn’t have done it without them.”


Robert Bryant, General Manager (Australia), IBISWorld

"Over the last six years IBISWorld has worked with AWA to develop our professional media profile and innovate in our continued program of brand and product awareness across targeted sectors. In that time we have seen our inbound level of enquiry grow dramatically. We largely attribute this to our increased media profile that we now enjoy as part of our overall marketing mix that AWA has helped us develop.

The dedication of AWA and understanding of our business has ensured we continue to break records each month for our nationwide media coverage. Understanding what works means we can continue to get a better return on our marketing spend year after year."

Roadshow Films

Emma Snowden, Marketing Manager NSW, Roadshow Films

“Working with Anne Wild and Associates was a total delight from start to finish – the team were extremely professional, organised and helpful throughout. From our initial meetings to the final fulfilment of the promotion their support, communication and attention to detail were unparalleled. We very much hope to work with them again in the future.”


Edward Butler, IBISWorld Media Unit

"As Chief Media Liaison for IBISWorld for nearly five years, I worked closely with Anne and the AWA team and was constantly impressed by the professionalism and conscientiousness of everybody there. They routinely presented our work to key media markets and expertly managed our interaction with journalists, while providing crucial training and support for our new staff. I couldn't recommend Anne Wild & Associates highly enough to anyone seeking media representation."

Laureate International Universities

Lashvinder Kaur Senior Advisor
Corporate Communications Asia-Pac, Middle East and Africa

Having worked with many agencies over the years, what has impressed me the most about Anne Wild & Associates is the incredible commitment and passion of the team. Over the past two years, the AWA team has worked tirelessly on the Torrens University Australia account – always on the lookout for new opportunities for the fledgling university, which is the first to be launched in Australia in almost 20 years. Having worked alongside Torrens at every significant milestone, the team proved their mettle when working on the commemorative launch of the university in July 2014 by President Bill Clinton, the Honorary Chancellor of Laureate International Universities. The team handled an unprecedented level of media queries in their unflappable, calm manner and the results have been incredible.

AWA is constantly on the look out for new opportunities and has helped negotiate strong editorial and opinion pieces, and secure prime interviews and media opportunities for Torrens. Once given a brief, the team at Anne Wild & Associates has been tenacious in fostering the most valuable media opportunities and securing placement of thought leadership pieces in key vertical titles. An analytical mindset coupled with a pulse on the latest trends and developments in the marketplace has brought great value to the brand.

I have consistently found the team to be talented, effective and professional. This has been invaluable in helping Torrens University Australia create an impact in the highly competitive higher education landscape.

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